Surprising Ways to Get Free Stuff

When the budget is tight, we look for the best deals to make the most of the little that’s left of our money. In this case, the best deals mean it is for free. Yes, not everything has a price. You can still get something for free.

Free kiddie meals – look around your city, you just might find a restaurant that offers kids’ free meal. That is after you have purchased a regular meal of course.

There are even some restaurants that have days of the week where kids eat for free and you can have two kids qualify for this.

Free sample meds – for some us who aren’t so healthy, we regularly have to take medications. Some even have to take maintenance medications.

Now if you add all these medication costs up, you will realize that you have spent a good amount of money. The best thing that you can do to save money is ask your doctor for free samples.

They receive a good amount of medicine samples from pharmaceutical companies and they just might give you some if you ask for it.

If your doctor doesn’t have a sample of your medicine, check out the company’s website. There are several medicine companies who give out coupons.

And if you’re lucky, they might even give out a month’s worth of medicines. They sometimes do this just for you to try out their product.

Free cellphone – with the many cellphone companies in the country, they naturally have to compete against each other. They have to have the best rates and the best deals to attract more people.

They even give out free cellphones to their customers. Ask your cellphone company for mobile plans that have a free cellphone.

Online freebies – we can basically find anything on the internet, free stuff is no exception. If only you know where to look, there are several websites that offer not just single moms but everyone else free stuff.

With the world’s increasing awareness of garbage that just keeps on piling up on wastelands, there are a number of organizations and groups that help the environment by reusing and trading salvageable items.

Because of this concern, they welcome people to sign up and exchange stuff for free. If you have something that you wish to throw away, put it up on their site instead. Somebody will definitely be interested in it.

With everybody doing this, you end up with many free items to choose from. Another man’s trash is definitely another man’s treasure.

They give out free samples of anything and everything. Here are the websites that are worth checking: Freecycle in Yahoo Groups, Craigslist and

Taking advantage of all this free stuff will save you loads of money that can go to other stuff that you can’t get for free! Make sure to look around because there is always an amazing deal waiting to be discovered.