School Grants for Single Mothers – Where To Get Them

School grants are the answer to the following quote by President Barack Obama.

“We need to put a college education within reach of every American. That’s the best investment we can make in our future.”

With that quote in mind, more and more organizations, along with the US government, have offered a variety of college aid sources for you and other individuals. The promise of success and the promise of security drive people to attain a college education and degree.

With many Americans facing financial hardships, the cost of higher education can be a major hurdle. College grants, make it possible for ambitious moms who are earning a meager income to go back to school without having to worry about the financial burden of rising college costs.

What are Educational Grants?

get your degreeIn general, a grant is an award or form of financial assistance whose purpose is to convert a thing of value from a Federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose or incentive which is authorized by the US Law. These grants may be associated with a company, state, local or tribal government, research institution or academia, non-profit organizations and any other kind of institution. Educational grants are simply a financial assistance subcategory for higher education.

Who is Eligible for These Grants?

As an individual, if you are a US citizen or from the United States or United States Territory, and have resided in the US or US Territory for at least 3 years prior to an application, you are eligible. Foreign nationals are also free to apply, provided they follow the eligibility guidelines.

Where Can I Find Such Grants?

Universities and colleges will always have information available when it comes to financial aid programs. Check with your local colleges and/or universities to inquire about the different programs available and to see which one would give you enough money for college.

If you are an employee already but have intentions of going back to school, discuss your intentions with your employer. Employer based tuition reimbursement programs can help pay a portion of an employee’s tuition provided that certain requirements and criteria are met. One big example is the The Wal-Mart Foundation. Fortune 500 companies are likely to have similar programs.

School Grant Alternatives

Filing and submitting the FAFSA or Free Application for Student Aid will help you determine sources of other student grants such as the Pell Grant, Cal Grant, scholarships and low interest student loans. After submission, you will be given a SAR or Student Aid Report which includes the answers you filed in your FAFSA, and will also include your EFC or Expected Family Contribution.

The EFC is a measure of one’s financial strength, and is used to determine eligibility for federal student aid. The school that one is attending will use this number to determine how much aid one gets based on the fees associated with the school. The Internet and public library is also a good source research tool in your search for student grants and financial aid programs.

Single moms don’t need to work themselves to the bone to pay their own way through college. These grants and scholarships not only shoulder the financial burden of a college education, but they also make it possible for you and other individuals to better secure their financial futures, as well as their children’s.


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