Single Mothers’ Day Care Assistance

A single parent juggling child-rearing and work is quite a challenge. You cannot neglect either of them they require your complete attention, the thing is both cannot be left alone to fend for themselves. You are a single parent with bills to pay and mouths to feed, of course you need to earn but while you are working who will be with you children? Let’s say you have little kids they cannot be left on their own at home so you naturally have to look for people or places who can cater to them, the thing is everyone’s busy too. So, where do you go?

State Assistance

Your state has programs mandated by the federal government to provide for child care. It is best for you to visit your local government to find out what alternatives are at hand for your dilemma. You can inquire about free daycare in your respective states here: state assistance.


You can hire somebody to babysit for you. For more information, visit here:


Daycare assistance for single mothers is nothing new and there are a lot of groups providing such services or information on where to find it near you. Like the following:

Daycare Bear

This is a network that provides information on daycare providers. Check here for more details: DayCareBear.

Child Care Aware

Under the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), this program was established to help families. This is a respectable website that provides resources on where you can find provisions to better care for your child. If you want to know where to go to for help on paying for daycare for your children you can visit this site: child care aware.

Furthermore, you can also refer to for more information on government related programs to assist you, for starters, they have the following provisions:

Child and Dependent Care Credit

You can get an income tax return if you paid somebody to care for your child while you are working or looking for work.

Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R)

There should be a CCR&R in your area, you can visit their office to inquire about where to go for special funding or aid in paying for daycare.

Early Head Start and Head Start

These are daycare centers catering to infants to children up to 5 years old who belong to low-income families. These are merely a handful of the places you can go to for help but there are more agencies available out there.