Grants and Scholarships for Single Mothers – Get Back to School

Mothers often find it difficult to balance the things that need to be done at home and things that need to be done in school or at work. Majority of all instances, home always comes first, leaving work and school tasks to suffer.

In a time of financial hardships, paying for college while putting food on the table and paying the bills is almost an impossible feat. But you need not worry anymore. Going back to college will be easy with the different grants and scholarships offered by various organizations and the government.

I Know What a Scholarship is, but What is a Grant?

Grants are a form of award or financial assistance, offered to both individuals, groups, companies and organizations. They are not to be confused with loans or free money, as erroneously pitched in infomercials. A grant’s primary purpose is to transport a thing of value from a federal agency to a recipient in order to carry out a public support or incentive authorized by a law of the United States.

Can a I be Eligible for These Grants?

Yes, you can be eligible for grants by applying as an individual. By signing up as an individual, they must sign on their own behalf, and not on behalf of the government, group, or organization. They are also expected to comply with the requirements and assurances that come with the application, and they can only avail of the grants that are open to individuals.

Different Opportunities Make for Different Doors

With single mothers in dire need of financial aid, scholarship providers recognize that single parents need help if they are to pay for school. That is why there are many grants and scholarships created specifically to help make a college education more accessible and affordable. Scholarship providers are making it possible for single moms to create a more secure financial future for them and for their children.

Here are some of the scholarship opportunities and programs that one may look into:

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund: Scholarships are awarded to single eligible parents who are residents of Arkansas.

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program: The Jeanette Rankin Foundation has awarded over 500 scholarships to women who want to attend college since 1978. Applications are available from the month of November to February. This scholarship may not directly target single moms, but they would be the subset of the “single women 35 and older” category.

Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Low Income Women and Children: The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation, which was established in 2003, aims to carry on Congressman Mink’s commitments: educational access, support and opportunity for low income women, especially mothers and educational enrichment for children.

W.I.S.P. Change Your World Scholarship

Doris Buffer, president and founder, announced in March 2007 a new scholarship program of the Sunshine Lady Foundation for the sons and daughters of the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP). People at WISP believe that students who are willing to learn, work hard, motivated and capable should have the opportunity at earning a college degree. These scholarships are for those who show the greatest promise of success, in financial need and have education as their number one priority.

“We need to put a college education within reach of every American. That’s the best investment we can make in our future.” – President Barack Obama

These college grants and scholarships for single moms are the best possible way for a mom to earn a degree, thereby securing their own financial future, as well as her family’s.