How Do You Know If You’ve Made Smart Career Choices?

When you’re a single mom, juggling work and family life is more difficult. Your work demands a hundred percent from you and your family demands even more than a hundred percent from you. It’s a delicate balancing act.

You can’t give up your career either because it is the one that puts food on your table. The key in making career and family work is finding the right job. Finding one that works for you means having less stress and more money to spend for your family’s needs.

Here are 3 careers that work very well with single parents:

Education – You may be thinking that having education in this list of career is off because it isn’t flexible. Sure it’s not but the advantage in this career is that you get to work at the same hours that your kids are in school.

You will get to leave the house and come home the same time as them. If you work at the same school where they go to, you will even have the chance to manage and see them more because they are just somewhere around the corner. You also get the same days off and holidays together with your child.
The bigger advantage when being in an education career is that schools offer a big discount to the children of their employees.

Entrepreneur – They say that being an entrepreneur, you own your time and you dictate how much you earn. This is why it is great for single moms. You can come home anytime you want, you can even bring your kid with you to work.

Unlike with being employed, your salary isn’t fixed which is both a good thing and bad thing. If you’re business is doing good then you will get to take home the big bucks but if it’s a bad day then you might even risk being at a loss. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Get into business only if you’re a go-getter, not afraid to take risks.

Nurse – Nursing jobs pay a good amount of money and the schedule is flexible too. These are two things that we single moms look for in a job. Nurses earn at least ten bucks every hour and your work schedule, in most cases, is up to you.

Another advantage with being a nurse is knowing what to do when your little one gets sick or has an emergency. Being a nurse is like getting trained to take care of your own kid.

These are only three of the many other careers that are suited well for single mothers. When considering which career to get into, your number one priority should be your own interest. Consider what you enjoy doing.

Working a job just because you have to will drain you more than doing what you enjoy.
Once you have narrowed down your interests, then should you consider if it will be able to pay your monthly expenses and whether it will leave you with enough time to be a mother.