Helping Single Moms

Single mothers are probably one of the most fearless warriors out there. They face great challenges head-on and they do so alone. I do not mean to say no one has made an effort to somehow help them, what I mean is, at the the end of the day, the only one who shoulders the burden of paying for the bills and supporting her children is her. No one else but her. I do not think they are pitiful because of their circumstance but I do think they must be really strong to overcome so many hardships.

One of the biggest problems for low-income families is related to housing because most of their money is spent on daily living expenses. They barely have enough money to cover rent and often cannot afford to buy their own house. It seems like their are no other options for them. Will somebody care enough to give you a home loans? Any loan, for that matter, which can help them with their daily expenses?

Yes. There are organizations which can even provide loans for individuals with bad credit. The groups and links mentioned below can help single moms looking not only for home loans but other types.


There are charities that cater to housing problems of those with low-income and they are funded by private individuals who want to help. They look for affordable housing for others. One such group is the Charities Housing organization which also helps other look for job opportunities. For more info visit Either way, these groups make sure that there are less homeless people in the streets, in the hopes of completely eliminating homelessness.


There are groups that give loans for housing, for example, the Basic FHA Insured Home Mortgage. If you get this loan, you will be given the amount you need, unlike in the U.S. Housing and Urban Development where money is not given directly to you. The program description, eligibility, and application process can be found at There’s also a loan for people who are in danger of losing their homes. It is aptly called “Hope For Homeowners”. To learn more go here.


There are shelters all over the country. Find the nearest shelter by visiting There are groups that will help find housing for you like the CoAbode Single Mothers Sharing.

It’s a fascinating concept because you live in a house with a fellow single mother, which means you get a partner who can help you with your tasks and you can also split the house bills between the two of you. More importantly, you get to have a support group, somebody who is going through the same thing as you are and understands your situation. The organizers of this programs carefully select a family to match with you. Amazing!