Help: A Mother Alone

Are you in a pinch? Did you use all your money to pay for the bills and no longer have any to pay for the rent? Are you forever trying to evade your landlord? Are you living in fear of the day your landlord will decide to evict you and your kids from his apartment? If your answer is yes, then read on, I was in the same position before and I got out of it. You can overcome this too!

Let’s face it, low income households could use a little help. But do not worry because there are alternatives for you. There are organizations out there lending a helping hand. If you’re a single mom needing help with housing, then the following can help you.


For emergency situations in which you find yourself out in the streets there are shelters which can accommodate you and your family until they can find and afford a new one. For example, In North Carolina, they have the Raleigh Rescue Mission: Shelter and Meals,found here; it provides shelter and food for the homeless.

In California, as well, they have Episcopal Sanctuary: Food, Long & Short Term Shelter, Clothing, etc., for more info, go here:; you and your family can stay there safely temporarily.

Rental Assistance

Besides shelters, the federal government provides aid such as the rental assistance program which are found in your state. Not only that there are also rental assistance programs provided by non-government sectors. The goal of these rental assistance program found in different states vary but they are basically to prevent homelessness, some states provide affordable homes while some only help in rent payments. Here are the rental assistance found in some states:

The Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity – Hayward

Their aim according to them is “to promote equal access in housing and provide support services which would aid in the prevention of homelessness and promote permanent housing conditions”.

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles – Los Angeles: Provide good quality houses at affordable prices.

The Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa – Martinez: Provide high quality houses for an affordable price and help people with low-income become self-sufficient.

There are other services and outreach programs that can offer you assistance. You can browse government sites and learn more about what they offer.