Grants Help Single Moms

One of the challenges of single parenthood is paying for the rent or getting their own house. Raising a family is a fulfilling endeavor but it is also not an easy thing to do. Perhaps, it is even more difficult for those going it alone because they have to fill the role of two people. They have to be both and the only source of income and nurture.

For low-income earners, being able to buy their own house is highly unlikely, they are probably only barely surviving on what little she earns. Although there are those who get through this unscathed some have to encounter the threat of being homeless. For these cases, is there someone who provides housing assistance?

I do not know if there is an individual who would solely give housing grants to moms but I do know their are groups both in the government and out of it which specialize in helping people with low-income keep a roof over their heads.

These groups were specifically made to cater to housing-related problems. They are dedicated to the provision of homes for people and to the decrease in the number of homeless people. They have envisioned a country where each individual enjoys their right to a safe and clean shelter.

State Assistance

States have programs to address the needs of their low-income families. Like the following:

Hughson Family Resource Center Inc – Hughson: One of their main goal is to reduce the effects of poverty on families.

The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency – Bismarck

They aim to make housing affordable for people living in Bismarck. They have affordable mortgage financing as well as rental housing at an affordable price. Plus they want to continue and grow with the changing housing needs in the city.

Department Of Housing And Urban Development North Dakota – Fargo: They deal with owners so tenants who have low incomes can afford their homes.

Burleigh County Housing Authority – Bismarck: They provide affordable houses in a safe place for families with low-income.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has programs and grants for low-income families. There are programs to buy a home but they are not necessarily abundant. However in the event that you cannot get a grant for single moms you can always apply for the many grants they have that cater to low-income families as long as you qualify for it. For more information on grants, go to

When all else fails, you can always apply for a loan. Check this site for more information: