Grants For Mom

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.” Carter Hoddings, Jr.

Like all other parents, I’m sure you aspire to provide roots and wings to your children. Even if you are the only one raising and providing for them, you hope to be able to give them the best the world has to offer and equip them with the necessary skills they would need to be able to go and venture into the world on their own. Then, you wish to give them a home they can come home to when they’re weary from fighting their own battles.

You wish for all these and more but the problem is you, who is the only one supporting them, can not get a job that pays more because you can not get higher paying jobs due to your lack of a degree and going back to school is the least of your worries.

Why? Because you’ve got to pay bills like; rent, water, electricity, medical care, food and child care among other expenses. You can barely pay for them, how can you add more expenses to your already heavy load?

Even if pursuing a degree will be more difficult for you than most, once you get it, you will be able to earn more and provide for your family better. Plus, there is help available for you and it’s made up of four little words: grants for single mothers.

You don’t believe me? Well, I know by now you probably realized that the obama grant was not true but good news because there grants available. There are a lot of categories found at You can check them out there.

Some of the grants given are for housing, health, transportation, food programs like TANF and education. For information on how to apply, visit this link.

If you’re unsuccessful in securing grant money, loans are another option.  Various lending programs are available from

Getting aid can help ease and even improve your current living conditions. They may not make you as rich as Midas but they can help you shoulder the burden of financially supporting your family. It’s almost like having a partner! So, go and get it!