Flexible and Financially Rewarding Jobs

When you’re a single mom, you’re priorities are much different from everyone else. After all, you are doing a task that is normally done by two people. You aren’t called a Superwoman for nothing. The finances that should be provided by a husband, you have to provide yourself.

The time spent with the kids that should be shared with a spouse, you have to provide all by yourself too. Being a single Mom is a full-time challenge.

So how do you financially provide and spend enough time with your family? It all boils down to the right job. The right job will enable you to do these things. You should be looking for a job that of course, pays well but also has a flexible time.

Having a good child care service is even better. Having these three in your job would mean the world to you. It’ll make things much, much easier.

I have narrowed down your search and have found the 3 best jobs for single moms. The things that you should be looking for that I have mentioned above aren’t absolute in all these fields.

It depends entirely from company to company and not all of them are the same. But these are the jobs that usually would suit single moms:

Sales – Sales is an amazing field for you to venture into if you want flexible time and unlimited earning potential. This is very ideal for single moms because you own your own time.

Your limitless salary is often commission based. Basically, you will earn as much as you are willing to work for. This is only if you have the right personality though.

If you’re shy and introverted then this isn’t for you. Salespeople should be able to carry a good conversation, be convincing and be very patient too.

Home-based jobs – if you want to stay at home to take care of your kids but wish to work at the same time then home-based jobs is the one for you. This isn’t limited to just one job description as there are a whole range of jobs that you can do from the comforts of your own home.

It ranges from computer programming, marketing consultant, writer, medical transcriptionist and so on. Note that this kind of job will mean you not leaving your house for days at a time so it isn’t for the outgoing types of moms.

Education – a teaching job isn’t exactly what we would consider flexible but in a way it actually is. You will have the same schedule as your children’s; getting to and from work the same time as they go to and from school.

It can even mean going to the same school which is one big factor on why teaching is a great job for single moms. You will also have the summer off the same time as your kids’ so this makes teaching a pretty flexible job.