Finding The Best Health Insurance

Annual visits to the dentist and regular visits to the doctor are only two of the things that women worry about, medically speaking. Not to mention the lump sum of money we have all shelled out to buy medications. They say health is wealth but it takes wealth to take care of one’s health.

When you’re a single mom, you not only have to worry about your own but your kids’ as well. For most of us, we don’t have a lot of money at our disposal. And when medical bills pile up, what do we do? Health insurance can be a big help. But finding good health insurance is yet another exhausting task.

A good health insurance plan will help you save money. When emergencies happen, you will not have to worry about the financial burden. What a tremendous weight off of your shoulders. We all want a good deal but before anything else, let’s understand health insurance lingo.

Premiums – health insurance premiums is the amount that you pay every month. It ranges and varies depending on the health insurance that you have availed. Factors that affect it are your location, number of dependents, your health and so on.

Deductibles – a deductible is the percentage amount of money that you will have to shell out before the insurance company chips in on their contribution.

Co-pay – is an exact amount of money that you, the insured, have to pay before your health insurance takes over.

Co-insurance – unlike deductibles and co-pay, co-insurance is a percentage amount that your insurance company will pay annually after your deductible has been reached.

Finding cheap health insurance options

Location, location, location – your location, or the location of your health insurance company is a big factor that affects the cost of your insurance. It depends on the state where the insurance is licensed to do business. Make sure you look at all the possible insurance companies in your city or town to find the best deal.

Needs – For a single mom, consider what you and your kids will be constantly needing like dental, optical and pediatric care. It is important for you to find a health insurance that includes your kids since they will most likely be visiting the doctor more than you.

Help from a broker – You may be thinking that a broker will only take money out of your pocket. Brokers will make your job of finding a good health insurance much easier.

She will even give you the best deals since a good broker has a lot of connections. Having a broker means saving you time, effort and even money from going around scouring for the best insurance. Make sure though that you have a reputable broker.

These three tips are surefire ways on how to get the best deal for your health insurance. These are three factors that affect the price of your insurance.