Financial Aid for Single Mothers – Making Life Easier

Being a single mother can be a daunting and fearful experience. There are always things to worry about, problems to solve, and things to do and sometimes these may even happen simultaneously. The fear of running out of resources to put food on the table, pay for the bills or buy the necessities is an overwhelming fear that every parent shares. It’s important for them to know that they are not alone – with different types of financial aid available, they can sleep easy at night.

What Are Grants?

Grants, as they are commonly known, are a form of financial assistance. However, it is not a benefit or an entitlement. There are over 1000 different grants that an individual, group or organizations can avail of, from the 26 Federal Grant making agencies.

Grant Eligibility

An individual submits a grant application on his/her own behalf, and not on behalf of a group, company, institution or government. Individuals sign the grant application and its associated certifications, along with assurances that are required and necessary for the application process. Signing up as an individual will only allow you to avail of the grant programs that are open only to individuals. Each grant has special instructions and program guidelines on how to prepare an application. Any citizen of the US or US Territory who has resided in the US or US Territory for at least 3 years preceding an application can apply and be eligible for a grant.

Educational Assistance

Other forms of assistance include educational grants, scholarships for single moms, job training, and career development programs to assist you in obtaining your G.E.D., a college degree or vocational training. Other sites provide employment help, such as assistance in resume writing, job application and interview skills as well as job hunting resources.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance can be in the form of medical financial aids, which can be availed of during pregnancy with prenatal classes and medical care from birth through childhood. Various government sponsored nutrition and programs for mothers-to-be, such as cooking and menu planning promote healthy children without the burden of increased costs.

Where do I Even Start Looking for Them?

Along with the Internet, the public library is a no fee resource for finding different types of financial aid sources. Local, state and federal government websites can provide you with the information that you need. Government websites can also provide ways to find financial assistance, as well as helping one obtain housing, health care, food and medical care.

Financial aid for single mothers includes a multitude of programs, which range from housing assistance, home improvement programs, educational opportunities to health care. The government has a vested interest in your success. These programs are in place to assist you. We firmly believe that one of the best investments you can make is in yourself by applying for grants and scholarships for moms. The American Dream can be yours.