How to Choose a Daycare

We take good care of our children and we expect others to do the same. We want nothing but the best for them. We want to nurture them in the best possible way. These are the reasons why choosing a daycare is a tedious task.

It isn’t an easy job because we fear that choosing the wrong one will affect our child or children. Daycare is a place that they will be at every day. It is a place where they will learn skills as well as socially interact with other kids. How do you choose the best?

To visit the daycare where you plan to send your child is a very important step. It is the only way you will see for yourself how the daycare itself is. Bring your child with you too and observe him/her. One determining factor should be if your child is comfortable in that environment. Make sure that your child is, otherwise he/she will have the tendency to keep to himself/herself and won’t be learning or mingling with the others. The other factors that you should look into are:

The facility. A good day care center has nice facilities. Meaning the rooms are well painted, well-lit and has proper ventilation. It also must have specific areas for specific activities such as a changing area and an eating area. The toilets must be clean too.

One thing that most people fail to check on that is very important is an emergency plan. The daycare must be prepared for any form of emergency. All the general child safety issues must be addressed too.

Caregivers are the ones that will be nurturing your child so you should observe them well. Does your child feel at ease with them? Do they interact well with the children?

Are they qualified and well trained to handle children? Make sure to follow your gut when it comes to these things. Your child’s formative years will be spent with these caregivers and you should feel confident on leaving your kid on their hands.

It is also important to ask how long the caregivers work for the center. At least a year is good enough, longer than that is even better. Remember that kids take some time get comfortable and constantly having to change a caregiver will be hard for them.

The ratio of caregivers per child and the number of children in a group are also very important. Having enough caregivers means that your child will be getting enough attention and care.

For children under 2 years of age, there should be one caregiver for every 3 children with a maximum of six children in a group. For those between 2 to 3 years old, there should be one caregiver for every 5-7 kids and a maximum of 14 kids per group.

The Program

Check the center for accreditation from an organization. Having one or more means that the daycare center has met standards that are set for them. Ask for the program of the class where your child will be at. They should have a set program for the daycare. It should include a supervised TV time, rest time, meal time and storytelling or reading time.

These are the factors that you should take into consideration when picking out a daycare for your little one. Don’t just look into one daycare, make sure to visit as many as you can in your area. This way, you will see the best.