Benefits of Higher Education: Why College Matters

You have graduated high school and this seems enough for now. You have gotten a job and it pays well. Or maybe you are fresh out of high school but aren’t really sure what to embark on next. College is expensive and the work that you have to put in is a lot. Along with taking care of your family, this seems too hard to balance. So what will be the difference if you have a college degree?

You are pondering on the idea of going to college but aren’t really sure. Here are the reasons why you should:

When you are a high school graduate, you will only have several job options because most job openings are for college graduates. If you have graduated from college, you won’t have to settle for a job that you don’t like because many of employers will want to hire you. Your job options won’t have to be limited.

If you look at the many job requirements, you will notice that a lot of them require a college degree. Having attained higher education will open more doors for you. You will be qualified for many job positions. This means getting to pick one that you really like.

And this means job satisfaction for you. The unemployment rate of individuals with college degrees is half than the unemployment rate of high school graduates.

Promotions and increased salary

Even if you have a stable job when you are only a high school graduate, your chances of being promoted are quite slim if ever at all. This means being stuck to the same salary for the years to come. If ever you get a raise, it will only be significantly low.

We know that along with promotions come higher salaries. This is one of the biggest advantages of having had higher education. According the US Census Bureau, those with a college degree will earn a salary that is 86% higher than those without it.

College graduates, even in entry level positions, will be paid more. The climb to the corporate ladder and to a higher paying position will be much broader if you have a bachelor’s degree.

Healthy for your community

Having graduated college is not only healthy for you but for the community and the country in general as well. This is because college graduates are less likely to rely on government assistance programs than high school graduates. Instead, you will be more likely to contribute to these funds. You will be able to take care of your family and won’t have to rely on the government and anybody else to assist you.

Now there you have it. Reasons why you should invest in a college degree. Going to a university may seem like a lot right now but it is more of an investment really. Sure you will have to worry about tuition and deadlines but I assure you it is well worth it. Your future will be much brighter if you have one and your chances of earning are substantially higher.