5 Single Parent Friendly College Programs

There was a time when going to college wasn’t possible for single parents. We, single moms, very well know that we can only do so much. We have our hands full with our little ones. Getting a degree would be overdoing it.

Earning a degree also meant being away from our babies. College and kids just didn’t go hand-on-hand. We couldn’t have both. We had to choose just one.

It’s a good thing that nowadays, universities are starting to realize our dreams and they even support us. There are now several college programs for single parents. Having the school’s support makes things so much easier for us. Imagine going to college with several other single parents. You read that right. You can now got to school and take care of your baby all at the same time. Here are a few college programs that support single parents.

Parent-children programs

A dream come true for every single parent who wished to provide a better life for their family. Some universities have now found a way to help us fulfill our dreams and make earning a degree so much easier. There are several academic, social and residential programs for us.


We all know that taking care of our kids can sometimes take a toll on us. Couple that with the stress of college life, it can be very hard to cope. This is why some universities have come up with social programs that allow single parents to support each other through support systems. Problems and stress become easier to deal with if we have someone to share it with right?


If you go to school not only will you learn about the course that you have signed up for, you will also learn parenting skills. Schools now offer parenting skills courses and seminars to enable single parents to raise their children the best possible way.


College dorms and apartments are now open to kids. You can have your little ones live with you on campus. That means coming home to them right after school. The benefits don’t stop here; some schools even offer daycare programs.

Online degrees

If you feel that the above mentioned programs still aren’t reason enough to get back on campus then consider earning a degree online. Lots of universities now offer online programs.

You will be able to earn an in-demand degree from the comforts of your own home. This way it’s much easier to juggle motherhood because you don’t have to leave your child behind.

Some universities even offer blended programs where you take some courses online and some on campus itself. This way you get to have the best of both worlds.

These college programs for single parents are ideal. Never would we have guessed ten years ago that universities would offer this much help. Now we can pursue our dreams of having the best education while still fulfilling our needs as mothers.