4 High Paying, In Demand Careers for Women

If you are considering what the next step for your career that you should take is, then read on to know if you are interested in any of these fields. These are known to be the highest paying jobs for women:

Pharmacist – The pharmaceutical industry is a growing career. It pays very well and has a lot of job openings. There are more than 10,000 job openings every year and you can earn up to almost a hundred thousand dollars annually. Most companies that hire pharmacists don’t even require work experience. They will accept you even if you’re fresh out of college.

It is a four year college degree where you will have to pass a licensing exam. Majority of pharmacists are women. Although the work schedule of pharmacists isn’t exactly flexible, which is one of the things that single mothers look for, it is very well compensated by the pay.

CEO/Chief Executive Officer – if your interests are more on the corporate side rather than the legal or medical area then this might be the job for you. CEOs are the highest ranking officials in a company. Responsibilities vary though on a company to company basis.

Women CEOs earn more than $80,00 each year. You can’t just apply for a CEO job, you have to earn it. You will have to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder and work your way up and mind you, it is a very competitive climb.

For you to be promoted to CEO, you must have an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree that you can only enroll into after having graduate a 4-year business course.As for the flexibility of schedule, it isn’t the most flexible either since most companies will require you to work the usual work hours.

Lawyers– lawyers is one of the most popular career that pays really well. Being a well known lawyer could even increase the money coming in. With being a lawyer, your monthly income does not have a limit. Depending how good you are and how much work you have, you are most likely to get paid quite high.

To become a lawyer is not an easy task though. Law school is 3 years but you will have to have an undergraduate degree which takes 3 to 4 years. You will also have to pass bar exams in order to practice. Average annual income of women lawyers is $79,000.

Computer and Information Systems Manager – This career is quickly rising together with the advancement in technology. Because companies are now adapting technology for making things run smoother, they need somebody to manage this aspect.

This is what the job of the computer and information systems manager is; to manage software development, operations of the internet as well as the computers in the entire office. Being a manager in this field is usually an 8 to 5 job but pays quite well with an annual average income for women of over $70,000.

These top 4 high paying jobs may not have the most flexible schedules but are very well compensated. Another reason why many women get into these fields is because of the companies themselves. A really good company has amazing benefits for mothers as well as child day care centers.